School Council

School Council 2017-2018

School Council hold meetings every half term (or more regularly if required), to discuss any ideas that children may have, ie. suggestions linked to the school ‘tuck shop’; possible visitors to school and fundraising events. 

School Council 10x7 dc

Year Group Children’s Names
Year 1 - Mrs Scott Scarlett Hodgson
Year 1B - Miss Newcombe Freya Sloanes
Year 2 - Miss Brown Evan Stevens
Year 2B - Mrs Collins Callum Byrne
Year 3 - Mr Donaldson Lennon Hodgson
Year 3B - Miss Maughan Pheenie Markham
Year 4 - Mr Lindstedt Ruby Dunn
Year 4B - Miss Black Olivia Collins
Year 5 - Mr Butt Olivia Montgomery
Year 5B - Miss Gilley David Tuckerman-Gray
Year 6 - Miss Begum Kalum Ross
Year 6B - Mrs Lenderyou Harry Hackett