Gifted and Talented

What do we mean by ‘gifted and talented’?

In every school there are pupils with a range of abilities. Gifted and talented learners are defined as those children and young people with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group(or with potential to develop those abilities). This refers to the upper end of the ability range in most classes. It’s important to recognise that gifted and talented pupils are individuals, with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. A child may be very able in some areas, but may appear on the Special Educational Needs (SEN) register for behavioural, social, physical/sensory or specific learning difficulties.

What is the difference between ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’?

We use the term ‘gifted’ to mean those pupils who are capable of excelling academically in one or more subjects such as English, drama or technology.
‘Talented’ refers to those pupils who may excel in practical skills such as sport,
leadership, artistic performance, or in an area of vocational skill. In comparison with
their peers, when engaged in their area of expertise, gifted and talented children
will tend to:

  • Show a passion for particular subjects and seek to pursue them;
  • Master the rules of a domain easily and transfer their insights to new problems;
  • Analyse their own behaviour and hence use a greater range of learning strategies than others (self regulation);
  • Make connections between past and present learning;
  • Work at a level beyond that expected for their years;
  • Show intellectual maturity and enjoy engaging in depth with subject material;
  • Actively and enthusiastically engage in debate and discussion on a particular subject;
  • Produce original and creative responses to common problems


What will happen if my child is gifted or talented?

Schools have to meet the needs of all their pupils. They are required to provide more challenging lessons and other opportunities for gifted and talented children.
Schools register their gifted and talented pupils in their annual school census. They identify them based on test results, work quality and teachers' and parents' views. They need to demonstrate that they cater properly for these children's needs.

What should I do if I think my child is gifted or talented?

Our school’s Gifted and Talented Coordinator is Miss Joanne Thexton. If you have any questions relating to our Gifted and Talented provision or you believe your child may be gifted or talented, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Thexton.
For more information, please see our Gifted and Talented policy.