Starting School


What to do if you would like your child to attend our Nursery Setting

You can register your child for our Nursery from the date of their 2nd birthday, please contact the school office to collect/complete a Registration for Admission to Nursery Schools and Classes, parents will be asked to provide their child’s Birth Certificate or Passport as proof of I.D. We will write out to you, the month before your child is 3 years old, to offer you a nursery place and also invite you in for a transition session. During this visit you will be able to meet Nursery Staff who will happy to answer any questions; your child will have the opportunity to join in our activities and, I am sure, make new friends. We will provide you with a transition pack, this will be full of lots of useful information about our school and nursery, we will also require you to complete New Starter forms to help us safeguard your child whilst they are in our care. If you feel your child is ready to start nursery we will then arrange a start date.


Nursery Flexible Setting

At South Hylton Primary Academy Nursery we also offer flexible settings, these allow parents to work full time or full days, or enrol in their college course. We know this flexibility helps meet the needs of our parents who have commitments as well as providing excellent, extended nursery education at low cost. If you require any additional information please contact the office who will be able to assist you.


Preference forms for Reception Class

If your child was born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011 they will be due to start Reception from September 2015. The Preference Forms for registering your child at their preferred Primary School will be sent out to your child’s nursery to be personally handed to you. The application process will begin on 1 September 2014 and ends 15th January 2015 – preferences received after this date will be considered after those received on time.

The Admissions Team will send out letters to parents on the 16th April 2015 to confirm whether their child has been offered a place. Please contact Julie Cort immediately if this school was your first choice and you have not been successful, we will be happy to offer you further guidance and advice.

Further admissions information can be obtained from the City of Sunderland Website


What to do if you wish to transfer your child to South Hylton Primary Academy

Parents should meet with the Head Teacher of their child’s current school to notify that you are considering the move. Your child’s current school will require you to complete and sign a Pupil Transfer Notice, which will also be signed by the Head Teacher. This form will then be sent to the Admissions Team for processing. In the meantime, you are welcome to make an appointment to meet with Mrs Cort to discuss your child's move and receive our own transition information. This will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether we are the right school for your child. The Admissions Team will be able to verify whether there are spaces in the year group requested and then advise you whether the transfer can take place, the Admissions Team inform us accordingly of their decision.

Further admissions information can be obtained from the City of Sunderland Admissions Team who are on hand to provide advice to parents on all aspects of the admission process.

Right to Appeal

If you apply for a child's place at South Hylton Primary Academy, and the Year Group you require is oversubscribed, there is an appeals process that parents can choose to follow. Further advice can be sought by contacting the City of Sunderland School Admission Team on 0191 5611412.