Homework and Reading

We believe that students will achieve most and be happiest at school when there is a partnership, understanding and communication between home and school. Reinforcing a child’s learning at home helps them become more confident and promotes the ethos and values of our school.

We view this partnership as three-way, involving the school, parents/carers and the pupil. It is symbolised by the Home/School Contract, which formally sets out, in some detail, the respective obligations of all the parties.

All students and parent/carers are requested to sign this contract when they start at South Hylton Primary Academy.


Teachers plan your child’s homework, and spellings are a fundamental part of the National Curriculum. A confident speller will become more fluent in writing and their flow of work is not disrupted by the need to use a dictionary or check spellings. It is our expectation that all homework is completed on time and in accordance with the deadlines for that class. Spelling books MUST be returned to use in the lesson. If your child does not have their spelling book – they do not have the necessary resources for the lesson. This can cause disruption- please ensure your child remembers their book, homework and reading book for their designated day.

Every Friday, your child will bring home a spelling list to be learned for the following week.  To ensure continuity is provided, this will be the case across the whole school where spellings are issued.  Please check your child’s school bag for their YELLOW spelling book.

All homework will be sent home with an explanation/instruction in a BLUE homework book. You will be able to track and discuss your child’s homework tasks as this book will form a record of their effort and success.



Reading opens up the world of learning to children. Every parent has a vested interest in their child's reading as it holds the key to other areas of learning and life. This interest is heightened when we hear in the press about the decline in reading standards. As a result every parent wants to know how their child is doing with their reading and whether their child has read today or not.The school will take every step to help your child develop the skills needed to become a confident reader. Parents play an important part in this by encouraging their child and developing a daily routine of reading together using praise and support at all times.

IN THE LONG TERM THE AIM IS TO - Develop a passion for reading. Whilst it is important for us to ensure that children can read it is always important to ensure that children do read. Reading should be fun!