Sports Premium Information

PE Provision and Sports Premium

The school believes that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is a unique and vital contributor to a pupil's physical development and well-being. A broad and balanced physical education curriculum and extra-curriculum is intended to provide for pupils' increased self-confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations.

Progressive learning objectives, combined with sympathetic and varied learning approaches, endeavour to provide stimulating, enjoyable, satisfying and appropriately challenging learning experiences for all pupils. Through the selection of suitably differentiated and logically developed tasks, it is intended that pupils, irrespective of their ability, will enjoy success and be motivated to further develop their individual potential.

Pupils are encouraged to appreciate the importance of a healthy and fit body, and begin to understand those factors that affect health and fitness. This work is closely aligned with the school's policy on health education.

It is considered important that physical education is integrated into the whole school's planning for the development of pupil's communication, numeracy, literacy, PSHE and ICT skills.

In the summer of 2013, the Government announced new funding which aims to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision in all schools across the UK. The funding is based on an annual allocation (2013-2015). South Hylton Primary Academy received £8,870.

At South Hylton we have used the Sports Premium to improve the quality of teaching across the school. Two members of staff have attended an extensive and high-quality training programme devised and led by Biddick Academy in Washington. Both members of staff have passed on their newly acquired knowledge/skills to other staff through meetings and lesson observations.

IMPACT: The quality of teaching has improved across the school in all areas of the curriculum.

                The school has acquired new resources to help teachers improve their teaching of PE.


During 2014, we invested in Sunderland AFC’s CPD programme, in which two members of staff were trained how to teach games. At the end of this course, both members of staff were awarded BTEC certificates.

IMPACT: The two teachers involved in this programme have improved their teaching of games.

In order to teach the children the importance of exercise as part of leading a healthy lifestyle, we have bought a Primary Gym, which will be used during break times and will be incorporated into next year’s curriculum. Click here to see the Primary Gym in action.

IMPACT: More children are exercising during the school day.

                The children and staff have excellent knowledge of how to use gym equipment safely.

                Year 6 children trained to be gym leaders

A new ‘Change4Life’ club has been set up, which occurs every Wednesday before school. The children involved will participate in fun exercises, use the Primary Gym and learn how to make healthy snacks in our school kitchen. They will also learn how to monitor their participation and fitness levels. Click here to see the children at the ‘Change4Life’ club.

IMPACT: The children involved have gained knowledge of how to lead health lifestyles.

They have learnt how to take part in physical activity and they have learnt how to make healthy meals.

Children develop their leadership skills.

We have strong links with Sunderland AFC and years 5 and 6 have taken part in courses covering issues concerning racism and stereotyping. Through their ‘Family Learning’ programme, children have had the opportunity to learn how to lead healthy lifestyles with their parents. Sunderland AFC also run a football club for Key Stage 1 children. Click here to see the children working with Sunderland AFC.

IMPACT: The children involved have learned the importance of using sport in tackling racism and stereotyping.

                  They have also learnt how to enjoy exercise as part of a group.

                  More Key Stage 1 children are receiving high quality football coaching.

The school has a 7-a-side football team and a 9-a-side football team open to boys and girls. The teams are mixed and they train every Friday after school, and both play in the Sunderland Primary Schools Football leagues.

IMPACT: More children are playing football and having more opportunity to take part in competitions.

                  More girls are playing competitive football.

Every Thursday, there is a football club for children in years 3 and 4, open to boys and girls.

IMPACT: More children are playing football.

This year the school has introduced a netball team comprised of Year 5 boys and girls. The team competes in a central league linked to School Games.

IMPACT: More children are participating in competitive team sports.

                  The school are entering more competitions linked to School Games.

Coaches from a local rugby league team came in to teach years 3 – 6 how to play tag rugby. Click here to see the children playing tag rugby.

IMPACT: The children receive high-quality coaching and teachers improve their knowledge of how to teach tag


                   The children have taken part in tag rugby festivals.


We have a strong link with Academy 360, who organise festivals for the children to go to where they compete against other schools. Click here to see our children participating in different competitions.

IMPACT: More children are taking part in competitions.

                  The children have learned teamwork skills as well as how to apply strategy

                  The children have plenty of opportunity to cope with both winning and losing.

We have also joined the Houghton Kepier partnership in order to take part in more festivals.

IMPACT: More children are taking part in competition linked to School Games.

                  More children are improving their performance and attending city finals.

The school employs a fantastic dance coach to deliver lessons across the school as part of our PE curriculum. She also runs two after-school dance clubs for children across the Key Stages. Click here to see our children performing dance routines.

IMPACT: More children are participating in physical exercise across the school.

Every year the children in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to go on a week-long residential to Kingswood Outdoor Education Centre in Hexham where they participate in a range of activities such as abseiling, zipwire, climbing, archery and fencing. Click here to see our children at Kingswood.

IMPACT: The children take part in outdoor activities, which can’t be taught at school.

The Key Stage 2 children have been to ‘Hit the Surf!’ which is a fantastic project run by the RNLI. The children learn about water safety and they learn how to surf the waves at Seaburn Beach. Click here to see our children at ‘Hit the Surf’.

IMPACT: The children have learnt how to stay safe when in the sea.

                   More children are hitting the 25m swimming target by the time they leave year 6.

Every year the year 5 children take part in ‘Bikeability’, which is run by Sunderland Council. The children learn how to stay safe when riding their bikes on the roads. Click here to see our children learning how to safe when cycling on the roads.

IMPACT: More children are travelling to school on their bikes or scooters.

                  More children are aware of how to ride their bikes safely on the roads.

We are involved in the Sunderland LAF (Lifestyle, Activity and Food) Programme. The children participate in workshops and special assemblies to encourage them, along with their families, to lead more healthy lifestyles. Click here to see the instructors from the Sunderland LAF Programme conduct a whole school assembly.

IMPACT: More children are aware of how to live healthier lifestyles.

                  More children are participating in activities out of school.

We believe that every child, by the time they leave Key Stage 2, should be able to swim 25 metres. Every week, children in years 3 and 4 attend swimming lessons at the Sunderland Aquatic Centre and their progress is monitored.

IMPACT: More children can swim 25m+ by the time they leave year 6.

                  More children are able to take part in the ‘Hit the Surf!’ programme.

We currently have Year 4 Play Leaders who organise activities and supervise competitions at break times. Click here to see the Year 4 Play Leaders leading the intra school skipping competition.

IMPACT: The children involved are learning leadership skills.

                   More children are exercising during break times.

A judo instructor came into school to hold a taster session across both Key Stages 1 and 2 and we are hoping to bring in new sports such as judo, boxing and volleyball next year. Click here to see our children taking part in the judo taster session.

IMPACT: The children are experiencing new sports.

Every year, we hold ‘Sports Days’ for the different key stages in which the children compete for their team colours. The children have fun taking part in a range of activities requiring the use of a variety of skills.

IMPACT: The children learn how to be part of a team.

                 The children learn how to cope with winning and losing.

The staff at South Hylton use ICT to help children improve their performance. For example, when practising for the skipping festival, the year 4 children used videos to analyse and improve their performance. Furthermore, the Play Leaders are learning how to use Microsoft Excel to collate, organise and analyse intra school competition results. They are also learning how to use Microsoft Publisher to create and produce certificates for the winners of these competitions. Click here to see the children using ICT in PE.

IMPACT: The children have improved their skills when analysing and improving their performance.

  The children have improved their skills in ICT.

                  The children have improved their teamwork skills.

Please see the table below to see the breakdown of how South Hylton Primary has used the Sports Premium money:





Contribution to coaching and competition


Contribution to Primary Gym

£5, 070

How are we going to use the Sports Premium next year?

  • Continue to improve the quality of teaching PE at South Hylton Primary especially in gymnastics
  • Introduce new sports such as judo, boxing, volleyball, snow tubing and skiing
  • Invest in WII Fit programmes for the children to improve their fitness levels
  • Transport children to competitions
  • Create competitions for Key Stage 1 children
  • Introduce a girls’ football team