School Performance and Assessment


The DfE produce School Performance Tables for schools in England.

The website is

From this page, by selecting PRIMARY SCHOOLS, then by inserting the school postcode (SR4 0LS) and selecting "schools in 5 miles radius" the website will display a wide range of information about This School's performance and many schools in the City of Sunderland area.

The webpages show DfE English School performance tables for the years 2008 to 2011. The information shows the % of Year 6 pupils achieving Level 4+ in English and Maths. Information for 2012 will be added when available.

By browsing the DfE Schools Performance website you can view lots of other data about other aspects of our school's performance by clicking on the menu headings. 



At South Hylton Primary Academy assessment takes many forms.

Assessment is an integral part of every lesson and used to identify progress and understanding as well as give feedback to children on how to improve their learning.  Children become more and more involved with assessing their own work as they move up through the school.    

At the end of every half term the children’s learning is formally assessed and analysed to ensure children continue to make progress throughout their time at school.  These results are analysed by staff and interventions for individuals or small groups to support children further are put into place if required.

During the summer term statutory end of key stage assessments are completed at the end of each key stage.


End of Reception Year- Early Years Foundation Stage Profile

Staff observations and information from parents help practitioners to assess whether a child has achieved the level expected in the Early Learning Goals.  This information is shared with parents at the end of the summer term. 


End of Year 2- Key Stage 1 SAT

Children’s achievements are assessed through teacher assessment supported through tests in reading, writing and mathematics.  This information is shared with parents at the end of the summer term. 


End of Year 6- Key Stage 2 SAT

Children’s achievements are assessed through externally and internally marked tests covering reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar and mathematics. This information is shared with parents at the end of the summer term. 


Year 1 Phonics test

Statutory assessments also occur at the end of Year 1 to assess whether children have reached an appropriate level in phonics.  This is a test administered by a teacher working with one child at a time.  If a child does not achieve this in Year 1 it is repeated in Year 2.  This information is shared with parents at the end of the summer term. 

Years 3, 4,5 do not have statutory tests but we administer optional SAT relevant to each year group.


Parents evening & reports

Reports covering children’s work, achievements and next targets are completed termly.

We also have Parents Evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms to allow parents and teachers discuss the children’s progress.

However appointments with teachers can be made at any time to discuss your child’s progress if you have a concern.