Who Are Our School Governors?

Our governors are in office for 4 years. Currently our Governors are:




 We appoint staff to the school and are involved in their development and performance management.

 We are responsible for the general conduct and curriculum of the school.

 We consider cases of pupils permanently excluded from the school.


 We approve the school's annual budget plan.

 We provide information for parents, the local education authority and for OFSTED inspections.

 We determine what goes on in the building after school hours.

 We ensure the school's health and safety policy is in place and followed at all times.


Useful information is available on websites:







We meet as a full governing body at least once a term. At these meetings, we discuss information provided for us by the Local Education Authority. We also discuss school-based issues, which are mainly involved with implementing school policies.


Our Governors have a wide range of interests, skills and expertise and they contribute individually to those committees where they feel they have most to offer. We have a number of committees, Personnel, Finance and Premises, and Curriculum being the main ones. They meet as and when required. We visit the school as often as possible. We attend functions and training sessions and take opportunities to meet children and parents.


All Governors can be contacted via the school.


The Clerk to the Governors, Mr Stuart Scrafton, is contactable via the school.


Telephone: 0191 553 6853. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.