Welcome to Year 6 - Mr Donaldson


Hi! Year 6 here. Today we will be blogging about our fabulous Christmas fun! We are here to tell u about all the exciting events that have happened this Christmas in school. These include our phenomenal Christmas performance (Christmas carol), our creative Christmas fair, our groovy party and the pantomime which we thoroughly enjoyed!

Christmas Performance                                                                                                                          

Year 5 and 6 had a Christmas performance; we enjoyed it so much and put a lot of effort into learning all of our parts and the songs! There were a lot of detailed props and costumes thanks to the staff. Mia, Hayley and Ellie-Kate sang their solos incredibly well. The parents seemed to enjoy it and so did the cast! This performance was definitely a highlight of the term and we loved it!

Christmas Fair                                                                                                                                      

This Christmas, Year 6 created some tremendous products for the Christmas fair. These included book marks (sewing), Christmas pudding crispy cakes and some delicious bauble biscuits. They sold very well as they were bargains! With the help of some year six’s, we were able to sell every product! Many children went to see Santa in our beautiful grotto and saw the three elves (Mia, Joseph and Sofia)

Christmas Pantomime                                                                                                                              

At Christmas time, in school, we went to see Jack and the Beanstalk. We travelled to South Shields by coach and watched the fabulous pantomime performance in the Customs House. It was a lot of fun for the whole school; everybody thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to the members of staff, we had goody bags to eat during the interval too. This was an amazing trip and all of us enjoyed it.  

Christmas Party                                                                                                                                          

Every Christmas, years 5 and 6 have a Christmas party together. It is full of exciting party games and is always incredibly fun. We play pass the parcel, musical statues ,corners and a lot more. After party games, we have some food including yummy sausage rolls, delicious pizza, tasty popcorn, some lovely rice crispy cakes and some fantastic chocolate coins. We all loved the Christmas party – it was so much fun!        

Thank you for reading our blog. Christmas time is always so much fun in school. We hope Spring Term will be just as fun!

From Year 6                                       


On 7th November, which was a fabulous, fascinating and interesting day, Marecia, who was from St John’s Ambulance, came in to show us how to do first aid. We all felt excited but a little anxious as well because we didn’t know what to expect.

First we all went into the hall so Marecia could teach us how to put someone in the recovery position. We had great fun doing this because we had to work in pairs. The recovery position is used if the casualty is sick. In this position any vomit would come out of the mouth and not go back down the throat causing the casualty to choke. Also, if the casualty is unresponsive, which means unconscious, then the tongue can go back into his/her throat, which again, would put the casualty at risk of choking.

Before putting someone in the recovery position we learned how to look for dangers so we kept ourselves from any harm. Afterwards, we learned how to deal with someone choking. We were taught to give the casualty five back blows in-between the shoulder blades and if that doesn’t work, you use abdominal thrusts.

During the rest of the morning we watched some videos showing us what to do if someone was burnt. We discovered that if someone is burnt, you would put the burn under cold water for 10 minutes. After you’ve put the burn under cold water, you wrap it in cling film to stop it from being infected and to stop the burn from spreading.

Next, Marecia showed us how to react to someone who had been poisoned. You get a bucket and a drink of water. You get the casualty to take a big drink of water then spit the water out in order to take the poison away. After, the casualty takes little sips of water until help arrives. You have to make sure that the casualty isn’t sick.

We learned how to treat cuts. You hold the wound by applying pressure then you wrap it in a bandage. If the casualty goes into medical shock, you have to lie him/her down and lift their legs up so that the blood goes back to the major organs of the body. If he/she is cold, put a blanket around them.

After learning how to treat cuts, we did CPR. We used dummies to practise CPR. To do CPR, you lock your hands on the casualty’s chest, then you do 30 compressions. You then block the casualty’s nose so no air gets out as you blow into his/her mouth. You give two breaths. Repeat the whole process until the casualty responds or help arrives.

The best part of the day was when we learned how to put a cast on. We had to pretend that we had broken a finger and Marecia put a cast on it.

We all had an amazing day and we learned so much information. If a situation happened, we would be confident in dealing with it. We loved all the practical activities we did – it was much better than listening to Marecia just talking. Some of us are considering joining the St John’s Ambulance cadettes, which allows us to go on duty with senior members. At the end of the day we were awarded certificates to say that we were qualified student first aiders.