Welcome to Year 6 - Miss Begum & Mrs Lenderyou

Moor House

Our Trip to Moor House!

On Tuesday, years 5 & 6 went on a trip to Moor House. Because we are an Academy, the Laidlaw Schools Trust funded money to us for outdoor, extra-curricular activities which we are usually limited to on the playground.

Our first activity was archery. All of us loved this activity. Although we all had a turn, some of us had extra turn. However, the activities were not just for us they were also for the teachers. Here is a list of points what you need:











The next activity was climbing - this is where the fun gets extreme. Would you like to climb a 20ft wall? We all had to climb but we were entitled to stop whenever we want to. Although it was 20ft, nearly all of us reached the top. When you were on them, some of them were loose but that was just there to trick you!! Again, teachers were allowed to have a go. If you have a look at the photos, you might be able to spot Miss Begum.

Finally, the last activity was Bush Craft. Before we started, we had to be told safety tips so we would not hurt ourselves. When we began, we were split into teams to make a fire and practise with the flint and steel. In order to start a fire, we all had to light a spark. Finally, we roasted marshmallows (they were delicious!).

In conclusion, I enjoyed today’s trip and recommend it to all local schools. Have a look at the photos below to see what an amazing time we had!


We really enjoyed Nissan and this is why...

When we first arrived, we were greeted with cookies and drinks (the cookies were freshly baked)! Then we sat down and learned some exquisite Japanese words. I said “Monozukuri”, which was the name of the workshop; defined, it means the process of making or creating something. The rest of that day was extremely fun. After doing the many activities and I learnt a lot of facts about robots that make cars! Here is a picture of a Nissan worker that was saying “Hi Olivia! “
(Paragraph written by Olivia Howat)

Throughout the day, I had learned many interesting facts about Nissan and learned how to make a little model of a car. Whilst we made a car, there was a challenging time limit which was two and a half minutes. After dinner, I loved the tour of the factory and particularly liked Formula 1 racing task with the generous man. Finally, we participated in a range of activities. This was a grand trip.
(Paragraph written by Natalie Ward)

Throughout the day I had fun doing the many activities and learnt a lot of facts about cars. The first thing we did was making a car out of Lego.

November & December

Hey guys,

Welcome to Year 6’s blog for November and December where we did so many exciting things. We will be talking about our new topic and an exciting trip we went on. This term was amazing and everyone including our teacher had a laugh with us. Even though year 6 is really hard and you need to revise - we had lots of fun.


In November, we had a trip to Nissan (the car manufacturing company), which is based in Sunderland. It nearly produces 480,485 cars a year! How crazy is that? When we arrived at Nissan, we met a lovely lady named Carol. Carol then took us to a little classroom where it actually used to been airfield. In that very classroom, there was a ghost called George and he haunted that classroom and he even took the banners down. Our first activity was where we had to make a lego car in 2 minutes and we worked in partners. After that we did a construction line on making a car aswell. It was AWESOME.


December is finally here and it is the best time of the year because on the 25th of December it is CHRISTMAS!!!!! We started a new topic and it is A Christmas Carol. We did some role play and we did different pieces of writing from different characters. We also wrote the first and second stave in the book. On Friday 15th December, we had our Christmas jumper day and we all had different jumpers and it was so amazing and we all felt so Christmassy. We also had our X-mas party and we had different clothes and we all acted like little ones and played party games it was the best time ever. Aswell, we had our Christmas lunch but I didn’t had it so we just had a pack lunch.


Love from Year 6B

Safety Works

On Monday 29th January the year six pupils travelled to Safety Works for the second time. I’m pleased that it wasn’t a long journey because I couldn’t wait to get there. At our visit we learnt so many things such as: fire safety, road safety and how to stay safe on travels. Read this recount to find out more.

Our first activity was road safety. It included: how to keep safe on bikes, not to have earphones on when crossing roads and not to drink-drive. We were all told to have lights on bikes and to have a helmet on when riding. There were three casualties A, B and C. Also, we were put into groups of four and we had to figure out what happened to the three casualties. I knew most of them. It was an amazing activity.

Our second activity was fire safety. I got to test out the alarm because I got the question right! We watched a video on how quickly a fire spreads I was very surprised because the fire spread in under three minutes, he only used one match! After that video I got to say my mind was blown. The whole room was on fire! We were told if a fire starts in your house to go outside and make sure all doors and windows are locked because oxygen makes the fire spread more. I really found it interesting!

On our third activity we did first aid Kalum and Callum were the two volunteers. Kalum was the person who was injured I also got to be a volunteer. We learned how to save someone’s life by doing five sharp back blows. A few minutes later, we watched a short video about someone choking on popcorn and somebody saved them. This activity taught me how to save someone’s life.

This activity was my favourite one. We went into a little Sainsbury’s shop and Lewis got handcuffed. Eldrid was a shop keeper and Alex became a police officer. Lewis was told to steal a bag of sweats and Alex was supposed to catch him but Lewis got away. Later, we got to the police station and I learned that children and adults were to only be kept for 24 hours in a police station. The jail was terrible. There were rock hard beds and rotten toilets. However, I still enjoyed it.

Our final activity was the metro activity. Now I know that you have to stand at the wall when waiting for the metro. It really doesn’t take a lot of electric volts to make your heart stop. I also enjoyed this activity.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I wish I could go again.



Hi Guys,

Welcome back to our blog! October has been such a busy month for us and we can't wait to tell you all about it.

Bible Comes Alive:

Bible Comes Alive was in South Hylton Independent Methodist Church and was delivered by Mrs Chisholm. We learned all about stories from the Bible and they were produced by the old characters so that we could see it in real life.

Harvest Festival (The Greedy Farmer)

On the 20th October, a Harvest festival production was produced for the whole school and was peformed by Year 5 classes and the choir. The Director was Miss Gilley and she did an amazing job. The production was definitely worth 5 stars.

A Trip To Nissan

On Monday 16th October , we went on a trip to Nissan (with a Nissan bus - amazing right?!) .My reviews were a 5 star for Nissan. We were greeted with cookies and we learned lots of information about the manufacturing of transport, Japanese culture and the history of the Sunderland plant. I would definitely recommend that all teachers book this trip for their pupils. All of our class loved it!

I hope you enjoy this blog and Happy Halloween!