Welcome to Year 5 - Miss Gilley & Mr Butt

Open Afternoon

Year 5 had an amazing ‘Viking’ open afternoon last week! Linked to our study of the poem ‘Beowulf’ the children researched, then designed, sketched and labelled their own Viking warrior outfits. We then worked collaboratively in’ tribes’ to create an outfit that any Viking would be proud of!

We would like to thank all of the parents who came along and joined us in our ‘quest’- you were all fabulous! Our open afternoons are always a great opportunity for adults and children to get creative whilst having fun and enjoying a little bit of friendly competition...or in this case...Viking rivalry!



Caiden and his tribe of Geats working hard to recreate a female warrior- (a very proud moment for mum!)

Left to right: Maddison, Elli, Caiden and Ella.








Rosie modelling the very latest in year 5 Viking battle attire.

She is fully armed with: a shield; a sword; a dagger- for close combat and a quiver full of arrows for those long distance archery moments!

For protection, she is wearing: a breast plate; a horned helmet (to scare the enemy); a sporren and not forgetting every Viking’s essential- decorative boot accessories!








Molly and her tribe of Danish warriors worked hard treate a battle outfit with a difference.

Please note the superb shield- Molly’s mum worked extremely hard on this design and certainly deserves the credit!

Left to right: Melodie, Molly, Logan and Darcie.






Ollie, Kara, Kiera and Lyric ready for battle!

Each tribe paid great attention to detail and Kara was even equipped with her very own steed!

(Interesting shield detail Lyric!)




Thank you so much to the parents who supported both classes- we always look forward to sharing our learning with you and know how much you enjoy working alongside the children. We hope to see you again in our next eventful open afternoon.

November & December

This was an extremely busy time for year 5! We had ‘Dinosaur week’, open afternoon, Christmas Fayre, Christmas performances and Christmas parties, to name just a few of the amazing events that happened.



 Sean, his mum and his ‘little gran’, thoroughly enjoyed designing and creating their very own small-scale   model of a dinosaur habitat.
 Their finished product was fantastic! What a fabulous family effort!

 “I loved it when my mam and gran came in to work with me – it was   ‘fam’tastic!” (Sean Baxter)

 “We used a range of natural andman-made resources – we collected lots of natural resources from the nature       garden.” (Martin Oliver)