Welcome to Year 5A - Miss Black


Welcome to Year 5A
Welcome to year 5A’s class blog. In March we had an exciting time visiting different places...

World Book Day
In school, we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. We all were given a World Book Day voucher to put towards the price of a book or to buy a special World Book Day book.

Tudor Workshop
During March, year five had a visitor come in to school to look at history and carry out a historical workshop. The ladies who came taught us about The Spanish Armada and the Tudor explorers that we have been studying in class with Miss Black. We played lots of games and learnt a lot of new facts about Sir Walter Raleigh and Christopher Columbus.
“It was great fun!” Exclaimed Joshua.

Red Nose Day
For Red Nose Day we dressed in red and wore our red noses. In our assembly, we were surprised by some of our parents doing a dance to the YMCA and dressed up like workmen.
“It was really funny,” said John.
“I had no idea that my mam was doing it!” Logan exclaimed.


Welcome to year 5A’s class blog. In February we had an exciting time visiting different places...

Kingswood 2017

Some of our class went to Kingswood for a week and we had lots of fun with the instructors and the amazing outdoor activities.

“My favourite activity was the 3G swing because I like speed!” Said Dylan.

“My favourite was the leap of faith because you got to jump to the trapeze when you got to the top” Kristine commented.

“The best activity was the AJB because it was fun to climb on to see how far I could get.” Natalie stated.

“My favourite activity was the 3G swing because it was fun” said Joshua.



Gibside 2017

The children out of our class who did not go to Kingswood had a lot of fun at Gibside. We were separated into different groups and we did different activities.

“I was split into a fire lighting group, we got to toast marshmallows and use lots of different fire lighting equipment. I really enjoyed it!” Said Alexander.

“My favourite bit was bird watching, I saw a red kite!” spoke Mark.


Open Afternoon

On open afternoon, parents came in and we created shields for Beowulf. We used tissue paper, glue, pens and paint.

We all took part in the activity and some of our parents came too!

“We had a great afternoon!” Said Kristine.



Live Science Lesson with the BBC

This week, we had a second live lesson, which was broadcast by the BBC. This time it was all about our taste buds and how we know if we are a super taster. After half term, we will be carrying out our own experiment to see if we can train our taste buds. Watch this space for more information!


Year 5A music lessons.

Throughout this year we have been learning how to play the ukulele. This term, we have been practising very hard to sing the pop songs and play the ukulele. We have been practising Sam Smith – Stay with me.
“I am really confident with the ukulele!” said Logan.
“We sound great as a class, when we are all playing together!” Exclaimed Kristine.

Number Day

On 3rd February 2017, we celebrated Number Day for the NSPCC. We carried out a times tables challenge to see if we could improve our times tables knowledge and raise money for a very worthy charity. As a school we raised a lot of money. The NSPCC were very thankful!


Transition to KS3 Events

Live Science Lesson with the BBC
During November, year five and six had a live science lesson which was broadcast by the BBC. We really enjoyed the lesson as Hacker taught us all about how electricity travels. We even found our school in the credits! “It was a good lesson, I really like Hacker!” exclaimed Logan.


Autumn 2 Open afternoon
In our open afternoon we had the theme of Christmas. We created snowflake Christmas decorations. “I really enjoyed making the snowflakes and using the glitter!” Said Josh. We decorated our snowflakes with colours before we cut them out and then added some glitter. As you can see from the pictures below, we had great fun with the glitter! “I’m not too sure how impressed the cleaners will be!” Said Mr Curd.


Dress Rehearsal of our Christmas performance
This term, we have enjoyed acting and singing for our Christmas Play. We had our dress rehearsal and we really enjoyed it. We have had lots of laughs throughout our practises and we hope that everyone who came to watch enjoys it as much as we did!


Merry Christmas! From Year 5A.