Welcome to Year 4B - Miss Begum


Gladiators, READY!

Hi everyone, we are the Reading Gladiators of South Hylton. This involves reading a variety of adventurous books, taking part in monthly challenges, working together as a team and most importantly, having FUN!

“I never realised just how fun reading was until I became a gladiator. Now I can’t get enough of books!” – Rosie Taylor.

“My favourite book was “The Many Worlds of Albie Bright”. The book made me think really hard about the thoughts and feelings of those around us.” – Francesca Nicholas.

On Tuesday 13th June, we took part in the Ultimate Reading Gladiators Challenge. We competed against other schools in many activities. We had to design and make a giant bookmark, relating to our favourite book, participate in a quiz that tested our knowledge of all the books that we have read and finally, perform in an exciting drama challenge. The drama challenge was our favourite part of the day. We added an extra scene to ‘The Unforgotten Coat’ which gave the judges ‘goosebumps’.

Guess what... WE WON!

“I am unbelievably proud of the Reading Gladiators. They have prepared and practised relentlessly and all of their hard work has paid off. Well done guys!” – Miss Jackson.


We are now officially the winners of the Reading Gladiators Challenge and because we came in first place, we have brought back a trophy for our school.


We have absolutely loved Music Week! Our classes choreographed and performed a dance routine to ‘Be Our Guest’ and we did so excellently. It took a lot of practise but we got there in the end.

With help from our specialist music teacher, Mr Potter, we also performed ‘Roar’ to our parents and presented all of the skills that we have learned all year by playing the ukulele.


Congratulations to our very own Rosie Taylor who came in first place at South Hylton’s Got Talent. You are a singing superstar!

And well done to Mae’c for representing our classes in the Samba band. You started with a solo and performed fabulously for your audience!


On the 7th April, we loved sharing bread and ‘wine’ with our disciples at our very own Last Supper.


Also, this month, we have been given a challenge from the Northern PowerGrid. We have been asked to design a Christmas light relating to the community. The winning team will be going on a trip to present their ideas to the judges. We are very excited and we have so many ideas already!


NSPCC Challenge

On the 3rd February, we participated in the Number Day challenge. During our assembly, we all gathered in the hall to fill in a multiplication grid it was verry hard. All of us worked really hard to prepare for this by having a practise, every single day. We’ve managed to raise lots of money for NSPCC together and we hope this helps children in need lots.

Kingswood Residential

Children from Kingswood thoroughly enjoyed the week. It was filled with scrumptious food, adrenaline driven activities and lots of fun! 



Hi guys,

This is Class 4B and today, we will be talking about our adventures in January.

We have been learning about The Rotten Romans and our new English topic is Traditional Tales with a twist. We have been loving our new topics so far and we hope to continue to enjoy them as the term continues.




On the 11th January, students from the University of Sunderland came to visit us and helped us to become scientists for the day! We learned how to create a volcano and a rain storm in a jar. It was so cool!

‘Watching the volcano erupt was my favourite part, I think I’ll ask for a science kit for my birthday’ – Sean Baxter.

Learning how to SKIP!

Both Year 4 classes have been learning how to skip in preparation for the skipping festival. We have been practising as much as we can and we have recently chosen some of our skills teams! Well done to everyone who is trying their hardest – we are looking forward to choreographing our routine soon!

Coming up in February!

In February, we are going to Kingswood and Gibside! We are SO excited! Also, Number Day will be taking place so that we can practise our times tables and raise money for the NSPCC. We are going to continue to work hard in training for the skipping festival.