Welcome to Year 4 - Miss Black & Mr Lindstedt

Class Assembly

Here are the photos from our Year 4 class assembly.



Welcome to our blog!

Hello everyone! A huge welcome to the Year from 4! We will be sharing our thoughts, opinions and experiences relating to topics, school events and much more. This will be updated on a monthly basis so please keep visiting.

Settling into Year 4 this September!

We have had a lovely start to year 4. I am so impressed with how smart the children look – a big thank you to parents for ensuring our children are the smartest in Sunderland. The children have helped me settle in (and helped me find my way around the school!) I have been really impressed at how hard working the children of year 4 are.

Our New Topics

This term, we are learning about ‘The Stone Age to the Iron Age’. We have found out that stone age people had it tough and would even eat each other to survive! (Charlie loved that fact!) We have looked at photographs of skulls and stone tools from thousands of years ago. We have found out lots of interesting facts about Britain and how it has changed over time. Did you know that Britain was once connected to France?

We have really enjoyed reading Stig of the Dump by Clive King. We have found out about diaries and wrote our own diary entries. It was good fun pretending to be Barney from the story. We have also written descriptive passages about Stig’s cave. Mrs Rogers has created a lovely display for our work about Stig.



We’ve also been learning about place value. We’ve spent a lot of time ordering, talking about, comparing and counting numbers. We are working hard to crack the 6 times table. We love playing number games and learning at the same time.



We have really enjoyed our visits to the aquatic centre. The swimming pool is enormous and the instructors are really cool. We’ve also enjoyed travelling on the metro each week. Swimming is such an important life skill to have so it’s great that we get to go every week.

Important dates.

Don’t forget that our school assemblies this term are on Wednesday 4th (Miss Black) and Friday 6th of October (Mr Lindstedt). It would be lovely to see you all and share a little of what we have been learning. Next month, Miss Black’s class will be telling you all about their start to year 4.

That’s all for now!

Year 4!