Welcome to Year 4A - Miss Gilley


Gladiators, READY!

Hi everyone, we are the Reading Gladiators of South Hylton. This involves reading a variety of adventurous books, taking part in monthly challenges, working together as a team and most importantly, having FUN!

“I never realised just how fun reading was until I became a gladiator. Now I can’t get enough of books!” – Rosie Taylor.

“My favourite book was “The Many Worlds of Albie Bright”. The book made me think really hard about the thoughts and feelings of those around us.” – Francesca Nicholas.

On Tuesday 13th June, we took part in the Ultimate Reading Gladiators Challenge. We competed against other schools in many activities. We had to design and make a giant bookmark, relating to our favourite book, participate in a quiz that tested our knowledge of all the books that we have read and finally, perform in an exciting drama challenge. The drama challenge was our favourite part of the day. We added an extra scene to ‘The Unforgotten Coat’ which gave the judges ‘goosebumps’.

Guess what? WE WON!

“I am unbelievably proud of the Reading Gladiators. They have prepared and practised relentlessly and all of their hard work has paid off. Well done guys!” – Miss Jackson.


We are now officially the winners of the Reading Gladiators Challenge and because we came in first place, we have brought back a trophy for our school.


Hello! Welcome to class 4A. Today we have been blogging about all of the fun things we have done this week! You can find weekly events, our amazing work and our thoughts and feelings in this blog.
What we have done this month!
We have been very busy this month and have been working extremely hard. To begin with, we have had open afternoon where parents have come into school to help us to create and provide commentary on making Roman outfits out of newspaper. This was a very fun activity as all we could use was newspaper, cellotape and scissors. After creating the outfits we then cat walked down the classroom whilst our team mates provided commentary on our designs. We hope you like our outfits just as much as we do! This photo even made it onto our display wall!



Aside from the Roman outfits we created, we also made some Valentine’s Day cards ready to present to our loved ones. We used an array of coloured paper, tissue paper, colouring pens and pencils, and finally googley eyes.
“I gave my valentines card to my nana. She loved it”- Esme.
“I gave mine to my dad. He loved it and has put it on the window!”- Peter.
“I gave my card to Miss Gilley. She told me that she felt very special and that I had obviously taken a lot of time making it”- Stephen.
“I gave my card to my mam. She loved the design I had made and put it straight by the window to show it off. I love making cards and being able to do creative things!”- Grace.

What we are looking forward to!

We have two really exciting trips coming up! One of the trips is to Kingswood where half of our class are going to. We are really looking forward to going and can’t wait to do all of the activities and eat all of their delicious food!
We have also got Gibside to look forward to, for those who aren’t able to go to Kingswood. We will hopefully be making fire, exploring the forest, and looking at the ruins of the Hall.



Hello everyone and welcome back after a wonderful Christmas break. We hope you have had as much fun over the holidays as we have.

Our class was so busy last month that December literally flew by! We were working non-stop on:  Christmas performances; a range of Christmas crafts; pantomimes and Christmas competitions, whilst still developing our learning across the curriculum!

Christmas Performances

We made superb ‘sock snowmen’ for our part in the Christmas Fayre. This not only involved the design and creation of our product, we also had to calculate costs and a profit margin. Oh yes, we never miss a mathematical opportunity!

“We made rainbow-coloured calendars, using our thumbprints, which weren’t just for Christmas they were for all year round.” (Tanesha)

“We made stocking shaped Christmas cards for our loved ones too.” (Shayne)

“I used two white pom-poms to decorate mine like a snowman. I was really happy with the finished product. I love doing creative things and making things with my hands.” (Kian)

Christmas Competition

In December, our class entered a ‘design a Christmas post-box’  competition, held by Frankie and Benny’s at  the Metrocentre. We combined  a range of our designs and transferred them onto the post-box that we had  been given. We could not believe our luck when the manager contacted us  to tell us that our design had been  chosen as the winner! Our prize was a  pizza party at Frankie and Benny’s restaurant in Sunderland city  centre. It  was great fun! We dressed as chefs, made our own pizzas and then ate  them…they were delicious!  The manager also very kindly gave us  certificates and treats including a V.I.P. pass which lets us all eat there  for  one whole year! (Terms and conditions apply!)

We do feel that it is important to mention, at this point, that the manager and the staff at the restaurant praised our behaviour and were delighted with our good manners. (Miss Gilley said that she could ‘take us anywhere’ and is very ‘proud of her babies!’)


‘Oh no there wasn’t…oh yes there was!’

Our term was nicely rounded off with not one, but two hilarious pantomimes. We visited the Customs House at South Shields to see ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

“It was hilarious! I thought it was a very entertaining show and loved it when the characters dressed up as Pokemon characters and sang the You-Tube hit, ‘Pen, pineapple, apple, pen.’ (Francesca)

We were also extremely fortunate to have a visiting theatre company who performed Pinocchio for us in the school hall.

“Pinocchio was great fun! It felt like you were in the actual movie itself!” (Kara)

…and after all of that, we were so ready for our Christmas holiday and a visit from the big man himself, Santa!

Thank you for reading……until next time!


We have had such an exciting time this month. Our class generated, produced and performed a class assembly about ‘courage’. It helped us to understand what is meant by courage and how important it is to have courage in various different aspects of life. We all had an exciting part to play within our assembly and really enjoyed our rehearsals! All of our hard work and fabulous acting skills were enthused about by Mrs. Cort and our parents.

Annabelle performed amazingly as a game show host and believed “this assembly helped to develop my confidence as an actress!”
Ollie was the game show presenter and stated that “I was really excited to play this role as I enjoy acting!”
Grace thought “I found that I looked funny wearing the blonde wig and it was funny trying to keep it on my head!”



What are we doing?

French: We have started learning French this month in topic. We have been able to follow basic class instructions and do a meet and great! Nous Sommes Tres Bien! We have really enjoyed learning French so far this year particularly using interactive programs to help us with our understanding and improve our accents.

Fundamental British Values: We have also been covering lots of work relating to Fundamental British Values. We all thought about our rights as citizens within our democratic society. We then extended to think about our rights as citizens within the context of the classroom. We are finding this topic really interesting and Francesca’s work was even chosen to be displayed within the entrance of the school!

Science: Within science we have been learning about classifications and creating our own classification trees. Mrs. Fairless made this lesson very fun due to bringing in sweets to classify and to then eat afterwards! We worked together in groups and made some excellent work which has been displayed within our classroom.

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What a busy week!

We visited ‘Bible Comes Alive’ for a full day and thoroughly enjoyed seeing a reenactment of how God had helped people in times of trouble. Furthermore, we also enjoyed listening to how those who were unkind or doing the wrong thing had learned to do good deeds. During this day, we also stopped for juice and biscuits which were very tasty. After this, we came together to sing and dance to some of our songs which we sing in school. Once returning to school, we wrote letters to Miss Chisholm thanking her for our fun day.

Skipping Festival

We had an external skipping instructor come into school to teach us some fun skipping moves/ tricks. We have really enjoyed our skipping sessions and feel that we are constantly improving with our skipping skills and coordination. Within the next few skipping sessions, we will be picking our team of 30 pupils, across year 4, to represent the school in a skipping competition which will be held at Academy 360. The competition will be focusing on individual skipping skills and techniques and at the end of the competition, all 30 children will come together to choreograph and perform a skipping dance routine. Those children who aren’t selected to be part of the team will be enhancing their own skills and techniques and will choreography and perform a routine to the rest of the school.

Coming Up!

Thank you for taking the time to read our monthly blog! We have so many exciting events happening across the school over the up and coming months. Some of the exciting events which will take place are: Christmas postbox competition for Frankie and Benny’s restaurant location within the Metro Centre, Whole class Christmas performances and also Christmas jumper day!
We look forward to sharing these festive and exciting events with you within our next blog!