Welcome to Year 3B - Miss Lowes


This month we all wrote a blog in our topic books and the one that we have decided to publish is Liam’s!


I like doing Maths measurement because it is really enjoyable. You get to find the perimeter of different things like the yard!


I love swimming because you do really fun things. You get to play with floats and you get to play number games with the adults.


Last week in PE, we were playing rugby and we were playing passing the ball around the yard. We made sure we did exercises to as a warm up.


In English we have been looking at Myths. I am enjoying Perseus and Medusa and Deadalus and Icarus. We have also been looking at poems for example a limerick has a rhyming pattern of AABBA. We have been writing some of our own.

Nature Garden

In the nature garden we were building nests for the animals. I really hope they enjoyed their new homes! We did this after some of us went on a fantastic trip to Giside which I really loved because it was super fun being outside building fires and roasting marshmallows!

I really hope you come back to read our blog again!


 Well what a busy time we had just before Christmas in Year 3B!


 Back in November, we went on a fantastic trip to the Hancock Museum in Newcastle to learn even more about the Ancient Egyptians. Whilst we were there we were able to see a real life mummy inside a sarcophagus! We even got to experience what it would be like to go through the journey to the afterlife which was really exciting. For lunch, we had a picnic in the butterfly corner and it was lovely to see our school plaque on the wall.




We decided that another highlight last half term was creating our firework pictures for Bonfire night. Alexis decided that she enjoyed making them because ‘we drew and decorated them any way that we wanted’ and considering we have such a talented class of artists, they ended up looking fabulous.



Where can we start about our production! Straw and Order was a huge success and we loved performing it. As well as us LOVING being part of the choir, Maysie thought that Olivia’s solo was a highlight as it was so sweet and she has a nice singing voice. We were proud of our other actors including Olli the wise man, Eva as the narrator, Karl as a policeman and Lexie as an angel. For those of us in the choir, we decided that our favourite song from the performance was ‘On that first Christmas night’ which Olli described as being “nice and smooth.” Trust me, we can still remember it word for word now!




The Christmas fun didn’t end there though... we were lucky enough to go to Customs House in South Shields to watch a pantomime called ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’ which was very entertaining! Considering we have just a few (haha) Pokemon fans in our class, we thought it was hilarious when the main actors came on dressed as Pokemon characters!

We had such a great last few weeks at school and enjoyed our time off but are now back raring to go and waiting to see what this new term brings!



What a busy few weeks we have had in class 3B! We have enjoyed a fun session at swimming, had Hyltonorrowers visit our classroom and some of us have been dancing our socks off at the Halloween disco!

On the 31st October, some of us attended the Halloween disco at school. We got to dress up as different scary monsters and danced in the hall. Lucy especially enjoyed dancing to the cha cha slide!

Before the half term, we loved having a fun session when we went swimming. Mrs Collins and Miss Blyth got in the pool with us and we got to play with lots of floats and played number games. It was great!

Did you know that in the skirting board of our classroom live little people called the Hyltonorrowers? No? Neither did we until last week! The Hyltonorrowers left us a little message, and by little we mean teeny tiny! Miss Lowes had to enlarge it so that we could read it and we found out that they have been living in our skirting board for some time now. They have asked us to send letters back to them helping them decide what they will need for a dinner party. We had some great ideas as we realised that The Hyltonorrowers are too small to sit on a chair and use a table like us, so we have had to think about what resources in school they could use to make their own. Alfie suggested that they could use bottle tops for plates and Riley thought about them moulding cups out of clay from the Art cupboard! We hope Mr. Mollison won’t mind The Hyltonorrowers going around school ‘borrowing’ things!

We are loving our violin lessons with Mrs Campbell. We are really proud of all our hard work and we hope to be able to play a tune soon!

Funny moments that have happened in class in October: 
Emily putting an ice pack in her socks so her foot looked like a square! 
Karl opening the wrong side of the glitter and spilling it everywhere by accident!
Miss Lowes’ whistle getting stuck on the blind when she tried to walk away!

Please come back and find out what we have done in class 3B next month!