Welcome to Year 1B - Miss Nazrul


In February we had our parents in for open afternoon and we created African masks and African silhouettes.


We designed our masks by using cotton buds and paint. We decorated our masks by using colourful sequences to add more effect. Hope you enjoy!


Happy New Year everyone! At the beginning of January we did our very own New Year’s resolution.

Maisie said “My resolution is to be healthier by eating fruit and vegetable.”

Lilly said “I would like to be better at karate.”

Calum mentioned “My New Year’s resolution is to be better at running.”

Leah said “I would like to improve my behaviour in school and outside of school.”

Ruby mentioned “My New Year’s resolution is to be better at hide and seek.”


We had many exciting activities and performances lined up in December. We went on a whole school pantomime and watched Jack and the Beanstalk which was really funny.

Henry exclaimed, “I laughed at the part where the Giant fell from the beanstalk”.

Harry mentioned, “I liked it when the Monkey’s appeared and were dancing during Jack and the beanstalk Pantomime.”

We also had whole school pantomime in our school. Visitors came in and performed Pinocchio for us.

Georgia said, “I enjoyed watching Pinocchio’s nose get longer while he was lying!”

Maisie said, “I enjoyed the part when Pinocchio had donkey ears.”

Not only did we have the opportunity to watch other people perform, but we also worked extremely hard doing our Christmas performance.

Emma Jane happily said, “I liked singing a Razzle in a Dazzle during our performance because we had to do some fun actions!”

Leah said, “I liked the part when baby Jesus was born and when the three kings gave the new King presents such as frankincense, gold and Myrrh.”

Our Christmas party was probably our favourite! We loved getting changed in to our party clothes and most importantly singing and dancing to the music!

Sophie and Calum said, “I enjoyed the Christmas party because we were playing fun games like pass the parcel, musical statues and musical bumps.”

Cate mentioned, “I liked seeing Santa and everyone was given presents at the end of the day.”

We hope you have enjoyed our blog and hope to do something exciting next month - watch this space!



During November, we went on a school trip to the Monkwearmouth Station museum. We were learning about Toys in our Past in school! Throughout our trip, we were comparing differences and similarities between toys today and toys in the past. We also had to investigate different materials that toys were made out of and indicate whether the toy was old or new. 

Lilly said, “The lady at the museum told us that the hair used on the dolls was real hair.”

Ellis and Jacob explained, “Toys from the Past were more likely to break because they were made out of glass, ceramic and wood.”



Hello everyone! Welcome to our first blog this year. Our class blog will consist of what we do throughout the week and share our experiences with what we’ve been doing in school. So far, Year One has been an amazing experience considering we have many fun activities to do on a daily basis.

In our challenge areas, we have many activities we enjoy doing with our friends.

WB: 24.10.16

TJay and Emma said, “We like to improve our fine motor skills by threading pasta through the thread and using the timer to beat our score.”

Reggie explained, “I like to be in the construction area because I like to build models with different materials.”

Jacob mentioned, “I like to be in the science area because I sort objects by their materials using scientific vocabulary.”

Maisie said, “I like to play with the Bee-bot because I can program the Bee-bot to move forward and backwards.”

Also, recently we have been learning about how to maintain good relationship with our friends.
Harry said, “If we can see our friends hurt, we should always go up to them and ask them if they are okay.”
“If someone is lonely, you should always play with them or ask a buddy”. (Georgia)

Monday 31st October 2016

On Monday we had our Halloween disco in school. We went home to get dressed up as our favourite Halloween characters like the deadly pirates, horrifying witches, terrifying Dracula and scary skeletons! We danced, we played interesting games and most importantly we were scaring our friends!