Welcome to Year 1 - Mrs Scott & Miss Newcombe


Open Afternoon

We had such a fun Parent Open Afternoon taking part in lots of African Art activities. We re-created some Kenyan sunset pictures, Maasai Tribe headbands and looked closely at different African patterns including African animal prints.

(Pictures to follow)

Dance Sessions

This month we have started looking at different African dances in our dance sessions with Julie. We have particularly enjoyed wearing different costumes to match the type of dance we have been learning!

(Pictures to follow)

Parent’s Evening

We are extremely proud of the progress that the Y1 children are making and it was lovely to be able to share your child’s excellent work with so many of you on Parent’s Evening. Thank you again for your continued support.


Happy New Year! Welcome to our first 2018 blog, we have had an lovely start to our term with children coming to school ready to learn and have started our whole class structured teaching instead of continuous provision. We are very proud with how the children have responded to the challenge and the work they have been producing is fantastic!

We have had a road safety session this month to prepare us for ‘Walkwise’ sessions in Year 2. We learnt about the Green Cross Code and different types of traffic on our roads, including “sneaky traffic”!

We have been getting into the nature garden more this month, with Miss Redpath, to do our ‘Forest School’ sessions and we love all of our outdoor activities.


November (Part 2)

We had so much fun performing our class assemblies to parents/carers this month. Our assemblies were the perfect end to our ‘Magnificent Me’ topic!

Mrs Scott’s class focused on the history and art side of the topic and enjoyed singing the songs “Family Tree” “Self-Portrait” and “Growing”. Miss Newcombe’s class focused on the science side of the topic and enjoyed singing the songs “Under my Skin”, “Healthy Me” and “Not A lot of Sense”

In each class assembly, there are 3 special awards given for progress in maths, English and overall achievement and this term it was Scarlett, Madeline and Kyle in Mrs Scott’s class and Jayden, Dvij and Isla in Miss Newcombe’s class.

Onto the next topic … TOYS!!

We visited Sunderland Museum to take part in a ‘Toys in the Past’ workshop and explore the museum. We had so much fun but made Mrs Scott and Miss Newcombe feel VERY old because toys they used to play with are now in the old section!

“Is a Tamagotchi like an iPad Mrs Scott?”

“My Xbox One will be better than a Sega Megadrive!”

We really enjoyed our day and look forward to carry on learning about Toys from the past in class.  We really enjoyed our day and look forward to carry on learning about Toys from the past in class.

Check back to see what we get up to in the run up to Christmas!

October/November (Part 1)

What an exciting few weeks we’ve had in Year 1! We read a story called ‘Hattie Peck’ all about a bird who collects abandoned eggs. When exploring the nature garden, we discovered that we had an abandoned egg just like in the story!!



When back in class we made predictions on what might in the egg and discussed how we could look after the egg for it to hatch. However, we had an unexpected visitor come looking for our egg… A T-REX!!!!!!!!

Luckily, he was a nice dinosaur and didn’t take our egg from the nature garden so we took matters into our own hands. We kept the egg safe in Year 1 and wrote Mr Mollison some instructions on how to look after the egg when we weren’t there:



You would think that was the end of our dinosaur week but no... the egg hatched! A green baby dinosaur was inside of our egg and it is so cute! Our video shows how much we enjoyed it:

We held a vote in Y1 to name our baby dinosaur and the majority voted on “Kevin”.

Finally, we wrote ANOTHER set of instructions for Mr Mollison on how to look after our baby dinosaur.

In between all this dinosaur excitement we have also been preparing our fantastic class assemblies! Check our next blog all about them.

Year One


Hello everyone, it’s us year 1

We’re here to tell you some facts

About the fun that we are having

Including adds and even subtracts.


Now that we are a year older

We have lots of work to do

But don’t you worry we get a break

With all the big kids too.


We have 2 brand new teachers

To teach us and help us learn

We have Miss Newcombe and Mrs Scott

Not forgetting Mrs Byrne.


We go into assembly in the hall

With all the children in the school

The hall is full, we sing songs

We all think its super cool.


We have new books, new trays, new pegs

We have new seats as well

We have new pencils and new rulers

New stories we can tell.


A story we love that we have begun

Is a one about a boy

Who finds a penguin at his door

And this penguins not a toy.


He doesn’t know where the penguin is from

He thinks he might be lost

He soon finds out that the penguin belongs

Somewhere there’s lots of frost.


We have lots of activities to complete

About our story book

We'll post our work upon our blog

So soon you can take a look.


Finally, don’t worry we’re working hard,

Making friends and memories to last

We all are growing more everyday

This year is already going fast.