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We had many exciting activities and performances lined up in December. We went on a whole school pantomime and watched Jack and the Beanstalk which was really funny.

Henry exclaimed, “I laughed at the part where the Giant fell from the beanstalk”.

Harry mentioned, “I liked it when the Monkey’s appeared and were dancing during Jack and the beanstalk Pantomime”.

We also had whole school pantomime in our school. Visitors came in and performed Pinocchio for us.

Georgia said, “I enjoyed watching Pinocchio’s nose get longer while he was lying!”

Maisie said, “I enjoyed the part when Pinocchio had donkey ears”.

Not only did we have the opportunity to watch other people perform, but we also worked extremely hard doing our Christmas performance.

Emma Jane happily said, “I liked singing a Razzle in a Dazzle during our performance because we had to do some fun actions!”

Leah said, “I liked the part when baby Jesus was born and when the three kings gave the new King presents such as frankincense, gold and Myrrh”.

Our Christmas party was probably our favourite! We loved getting changed in to our party clothes and most importantly singing and dancing to the music!

Sophie and Calum said, “I enjoyed the Christmas party because we were playing fun games like pass the parcel, musical statues and musical bumps”.

Cate mentioned, “I liked seeing Santa and everyone was given presents at the end of the day”.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog and hope to do something exciting next month - watch this space!


During November, we went on a school trip to the Monkwearmouth Station museum. We were learning about Toys in our Past in school! Throughout our trip, we were comparing differences and similarities between toys today and toys in the past. We also had to investigate different materials that toys were made out of and indicate whether the toy was old or new.

Lilly said, “The lady at the museum told us that the hair used on the dolls was real hair.”

Ellis and Jacob explained, “Toys from the Past were more likely to break because they were made out of glass, ceramic and wood.”




Welcome to Year One’s class blog! We have had a fantastic month working in Year One.

Evan said, “I have enjoyed the maths challenges because I had to find all the missing numbers to 20”.
In Science we had to investigate lots of different objects using all of our senses. Bobby said he found out about the objects by touch, taste, smell, hear and sight. We had to wear a blind fold, put our hands into a box without knowing what was inside. Lillie said, “I was scared to put my hand into the box because I didn’t know what was inside”. Then we had to taste some liquid, which was green, out of a little cup to find out what it was. Lexi said “it tasted horrible, it was green milk”.

In our fine motor skills area we had a tray full of red slime which smelt like fruit. Inside the slime there were lots of very small objects. “I used the tweezers to carefully pick out small skeletons, caterpillars, spiders and small skulls” said Gavin, “it was tricky to hold the tweezers then pick out the objects, I kept dropping the big spider because it was covered in slime”.
We have had fun retelling stories we have read in class, “I enjoyed acting out the story Funnybones,” said Emily. Corey excited explained, “Not Now Bernard was my favourite story, I liked the part when the monster bit his dad’s leg.”

So far we have had a fantastic time and we can’t wait to see what November and December has in store for us!