Welcome to Year 1 - Mrs Scott & Miss Newcombe


Hello everyone, it’s us year 1

We’re here to tell you some facts

About the fun that we are having

Including adds and even subtracts.


Now that we are a year older

We have lots of work to do

But don’t you worry we get a break

With all the big kids too.


We have 2 brand new teachers

To teach us and help us learn

We have Miss Newcombe and Mrs Scott

Not forgetting Mrs Byrne.


We go into assembly in the hall

With all the children in the school

The hall is full, we sing songs

We all think its super cool.


We have new books, new trays, new pegs

We have new seats as well

We have new pencils and new rulers

New stories we can tell.


A story we love that we have begun

Is a one about a boy

Who finds a penguin at his door

And this penguins not a toy.


He doesn’t know where the penguin is from

He thinks he might be lost

He soon finds out that the penguin belongs

Somewhere there’s lots of frost.


We have lots of activities to complete

About our story book

We'll post our work upon our blog

So soon you can take a look.


Finally, don’t worry we’re working hard,

Making friends and memories to last

We all are growing more everyday

This year is already going fast.