Welcome to Reception - Miss Elliot & Miss Gales

March & April

Here is what we have been doing during March and April:


“I put a belt, cape, mask, sticks for legs and arms. Supertato to fight the evil peas”. - Mason






“I was reading my book Supertato with Joseph”. Caroline






“I was reading a book Supertato”. Joshua






“I was eating my ice cream. I had my hood up to keep my hair dry. We had to have our coats on because it was raining. I had chocolate sauce on.” – Isla





image5 “I was wiping all the colouring off the back of the house. I was standing on one of the tyres. My hair is wet because it was starting to rain”.- Theo

“I was colouring in the tyres.”- Jared. “I was washing the back with everyone apart from Jared as he was colouring”. - Issac   


image6 “I was playing the boat game. To try and spot the difference”. - Theo

“I was watching Theo and taking turns with him”.- Issac



image7 “We was trying to read the book Mr Panda”.- Evie

 “I was reading with Evie”- Ella



image8“I was helping Miss Fountain do a game. There was three rows and on the top one we had to put stones, in the middle leaves and the other one you need to put sticks in”. We were sorting the objects.” - Abigail



image9 “ We were drawing around our shadows. You only get it when you block the sun and the sun is high in the sky”.- Kai

“We were drawing ourselves”. Joshua



Welcome to our blog! This term we have been very busy learning lots of new things and making new friends. Here are some of our favourite things from recent weeks.

Helping Each Other

During our time in school we try very hard to help our friends with things such as fastening coats and putting on costumes. Ashton and Jay worked together to get their superhero suits on. We were very impressed by how kind they were and their fantastic manners!

Becoming Independent

We are developing our independence all of the time; we access snack and water independently and are beginning to help to clear away after ourselves.

Exploring Shapes

We have been using shapes to build and create patterns and pictures. We especially like building towers and flowers

Bikes and Ramps

We have been riding our bikes in the larger yard as we are extremely good at avoiding obstacles and we are ready for a challenge. The yard offers many more challenges such as getting stuck in the sand and figuring out how to get back up a ramp when you have driven your bike to the bottom. Chester took the risk of riding quickly down the ramp and stopping himself before reaching the bottom and Robby and Kyle work together to get back up the ramp. After quite a few attempts they decided to try getting off the bike first and pushing it up which was much easier!

Please continue to help us to become more independent with tasks such as putting on our coats and getting changed. Thank you for all of your help so far, it is really paying off and we can see the results of your efforts.
Many parents have donated play dough resources recently such as flour, salt and oil. We are extremely grateful for this and children have thoroughly enjoyed using them. Thank you for your support.

This week we are beginning a new topic in which we will explore ‘People Who Help Us’. This may include family, superheroes and the emergency services; you could help us by talking about the things that these people do to help others and about what to do in an emergency.
And finally, we have started rehearsing for our Christmas performance. I am sure many of you will have heard some of the very catchy songs that your children have been singing along to and we look forward to seeing you at the performance later in the term.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Please check regularly for any updates.