Welcome to Nursery - Mrs Wooton


Hello everyone!

We had a surprise visitor in December, an elf! He arrived in our classroom along with a story to tell us all about him. The story explained to us that the elf would report to Santa every night to tell him how fantastic we had been. There was only one rule that we had to follow and that was not to touch him. If we touched him then he would lose his magic and would not be able to fly back to Santa.


The first thing that we need to do was to give him a name. We thought of the names Sparkles, Chippy and Toby, but could not make up our minds. We decided that the best way to decide was to vote for our favourite. We each had a Duplo brick that we had to place in front of the name that we liked best. The name that had the biggest tower was the winner. The winner was Sparkles!


Sparkles had lots of fun in our classroom. He created an elf workshop for us to make our own toys in. Joseph designed and made a fantastic car!


He hid 12 candy canes around the classroom and we had great fun trying to find them all. Once we had found them all we took it in turns to hide them for our friends to find.


Sparkles left us some special paper to write our wish list to Santa on and some toy catalogues. We thought carefully about what we would like to put on our wish list, cut them out and stuck them to our list. We tried very hard to write our name and some of the names of the toys that we would like.


On the last day of term Sparkles flew back to the North Pole to tell Santa all about our hard work in school. We are going to miss having Sparkles in our classroom and the excitement that it brought, finding out what he had been up to each day.

Thank you for reading!