Involving Families

Involving Families in EYFS

Why is it so important?

We aim to teach children to be strong and independent through loving and secure relationships with parents, carers and staff.  We believe that children learn best when they feel safe and secure and when all of the adults who care for them work together to ensure that their needs are met.  When settings form strong links with home it can make separation and transition much easier for children.  We appreciate that throughout a school day we do not see everything that your child can do so it is important that we find out about their wider experiences by speaking with family members so that we can base their learning on what they need next, their interests and fascinations. 


How do we involve families?

Transition - We have an extensive transition process for both entering nursery and transitioning into reception.  We meet with parents and hold sessions where parents attend alongside their children.  


Open Door - We understand that when your child is young and begins attending school you are likely to have lots of questions or concerns.  We are always available before and after each session to speak about your child.  We are also regularly available to speak on the telephone and if we can’t take a telephone call immediately due to teaching commitments we will return your call as soon as possible.  


Open Evenings - You are invited to attend Open Evening twice a year to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher.  This is also an opportunity to look around the environment and at your child’s learning journal.  


Open Afternoons - You are regularly invited to spend a session with your child in their class to see what they do on a daily basis.  


Newsletters - You receive termly newsletters to inform you of any upcoming events such as dress-up days, visits, special assemblies and any other notices. 


Homework - We regularly set homework tasks at an age appropriate level for all children.  This can include talking with your child about something, practising handwriting, applying their phonic knowledge, completing mathematics tasks and occasionally completing a project.  


Wow Cards - Families are encouraged to send in wow cards to celebrate children’s achievements outside of school. This can be anything from sleeping in their own bed to competing in a dance competition.


Local Visits - We visit the local Church regularly and families are invited to join us there and enjoy the service with their child.  


Workshops - We hold regular workshops for families to attend with their children.  So far this year we have made play dough, cooked pizza and decorated Easter eggs.


Special Assemblies - Every half term two children are selected to receive an award for their effort and progress. Families are invited to attend whilst their child receives their prize and stay for refreshments afterwards.


Class Assemblies - Towards the end of the academic year children in our EYFS perform an assembly for the rest of the school and their families. 


Some feedback from parents

“We are so impressed with the facilities and the stuff the children have to ‘play with.’  We are so glad we picked the school, it is worth the amount of sand that he brings home in his shoes!!”

“Had a lovely time being shown what happens in nursery by my daughter and how she learns.”

“Fantastic seeing how confident and independent she is becoming in nursery.  She absolutely loves it here.”

“Had a lovely time in nursery.  I enjoyed seeing all of the areas that she talks about at home and her interactions with her friends.  Thank you.”

“Enjoyed seeing my son today.  The staff were great.”

“Loved my time in reception.  They are very well behaved and polite.”

“Really enjoyed open day today.  We had the chance to join in with street dance.  The children were fantastic we had a lovely time.”

“Today was really good in reception; I’m really impressed with all the children and how well behaved they are.  The teaching staff were brilliant too.” 

“Very creative.  Lovely atmosphere.  Quality 1 on 1 time. 5*” 

“We had a brilliant time decorating eggs.  It is always an enjoyable experience when EYFS hold their parent sessions.  Thank you.”