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How can I help my child to develop?

Even when your child is very young it is important that you talk to them and sing with them.  This is how children learn new words and develop the skills for listening and interaction.  For example if you are cooking dinner and you talk to them about what you are doing they can learn names of foods, utensils, language for measuring, actions words such as cutting and words to describe smells and tastes for example.  They are learning without even knowing that they are doing it!

You don’t need expensive resources and days out to help your child to develop; all of the fun activities that you do with them day-to-day are helping them to grow and learn.  For example; walking to the shop, visiting family, playing games, going to the beach, getting the bus or train, helping them to dress and undress independently and helping them to play imaginatively in a range of ways.  

If you're looking for new ideas for things to do then find out what is on offer at your local children’s centre (see link below). Many offer ‘messy play’ activities which you and your child can join in with, and many of the activities they provide are free. Staff can also give you advice about the kinds of books or other activities your child might enjoy at different ages.


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