Performing Arts

Performing Arts club is run by Miss Gilley and Miss Gow on a Thursday between 3:30pm - 4:30pm. It is open to pupils from KS2.


At Performing Arts children are encouraged to develop a wide range of valuable social and life skills. One of the most important skills that we aim to develop is that of ‘confidence’. Children work collaboratively to support one another in a range of different contexts:


“It’s great because it’s an education after school!”  (Grace Barker, Year 4)



“Performing Arts is really good because it helps you to develop lots of different life skills. I’ve always enjoyed acting, but I’ve also learnt other things like how to produce a show and what’s involved.”  (Sofia La Mattina, Year 6)


“I’m going to improve my memory when I learn parts”.  (Sonny Wilson Year 5)