Change4Life Club

Change4life Club has been designed to increase physical activity. Our aim is to create an exciting and inspirational environment to engage young people in school sport. Within our Change4life Club the children have developed which has enabled us to have more success in sustaining the club long term.

Change4life Club help children’s health and wellbeing. We always encourage healthy eating.


Each child receives a ‘Get Going’ logbook and a wristband.

‘Get Going’ logbook

The logbooks are designed to retain children’s engagement in the clubs and in physical activity. They provide fun and interactive tasks that stimulate thought and give children a better understanding of healthy active lifestyles.


Our wristbands are designed to achieve two things:

Provide the young people involved in the clubs with a real sense of belonging

Give them a visual reminder of the physical activity they’re doing with this programme and a fun and interactive way of measuring their progress.


Change4life Club and the spirit of the games      

These values have been designed to:

Provide a set of sporting values and embed them in school sport.

Use sport as a tool to encourage children to develop their personal values and ethos.

Achieve excellent standards of sporting conduct in the context of school sport.